What is WS2815 full color light bar and what functions does WS2815 magic light bar have?

WS2815 article lamp listed in November 2016, is the first in the industry with a single point of control, at the same time, with the function of breakpoint continuingly all lights, and made a comprehensive upgrade in power supply, lighting... Read more

How can zirconia ceramics be polished into mirrors?

Because zirconia ceramics have relatively rare properties, and has been paid attention to in the market, the most significant is also attracted to the development and research of researchers, then zirconia ceramics how to polish into a mirror? Now let's... Read more

How to measure the uneven price of photovoltaic power generation system?

How do you choose a PV product when you need a complete PV system? What are the factors affecting the price difference of photovoltaic power generation system? Why are so many prices so different? 1. Solar panels and inverters As... Read more

Four signs a woman is attracted

Between men and women, there are often some signals, and the signal that men and women are attracted to, is the most wanted to know. When the man is tempted, he will show very directly, and the woman is tempted,... Read more

How to greatly improve the wear resistance of stamping die

Stamping die is the main equipment used in the metal forming process. They are used to press sheet metal into the desired shape and size. The quality of stamping die directly affects the quality of products. In order to improve... Read more

Five points for attention in the production of metal stamping and drawing forming parts

Stainless steel square stamping and drawing parts, because it is the appearance of the parts, so the surface quality requirements are relatively high, the surface should not be scratched. Products generally are 200 mm in length, height of 30 mm... Read more

What are the commonly used electronic components?

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What is an IC chip? What are the types of chips?

Chip, also called microcircuit (microcircuit). Microchip. A silicon chip containing a small integratedcircuit, usually part of a computer or other electronic device. Chips are made of semiconductor materials, most of which are made of silicon. Capacitors, resistors, diodes and triodes... Read more

What is a printed circuit board?

What is a printed circuit board? Today Xiaobian sorted out to share with you, let's take a look. Printed circuit boards, also known as printed circuit boards, are providers of electrical connections for electronic components. Its design is mainly layout... Read more

What are the types of relays?

According to the principle of action, relays can be divided into the following categories: 1. Solid state relay: A relay in which the input and output functions are performed by electronic components without mechanical moving parts. 2. Electromagnetic relay: A... Read more