What are the types of relays?

According to the principle of action, relays can be divided into the following categories: 1. Solid state relay: A relay in which the input and output functions are performed by electronic components without mechanical moving parts. 2. Electromagnetic relay: A... Read more

What is the function of a crystal diode?

Crystal diodes are semiconductor terminal devices in solid state electronic devices. The main feature is a nonlinear current-voltage characteristic. With the development of semiconductor materials and technology, different semiconductor materials, doping distribution and geometric structure are used to develop a... Read more

What shape is the electron? What's the radius, what's the spin?

What is the shape of the electron? Shape is perfectly suitable for describing angular macroscopic objects. But technically, electrons don't have a shape. The electron is an elementary particle, which means it has no internal structure and can't be divided... Read more

Application of capacitance

Capacitor in the electronic field of filtering, signal filtering, bypass, signal coupling, resonance, compensation, energy storage, DC isolation and so on. In the power circuit, often use a large capacitor with small capacitor to do filtering, capacitance has the characteristics... Read more

Analysis of power supply noise

The mention of power noise will strike a chord with many electronic engineers. What do we mean by power noise? Is it equivalent to power ripple? In fact, the power noise is different from the power ripple, which is a... Read more

Single phase full wave controlled rectifier circuit

Using the thyristor, can also achieve controllable full wave rectification, including single phase and three phase, today simply talk about the single phase full wave controllable circuit. The circuit diagram of single-phase controlled bridge rectifier is basically the same as... Read more

Introduction to varistor devices

Varistor function: Lightning protection, overvoltage protection, when the varistor is not working, it has a high impedance (several megohm). When the transient surge voltage appears, the impedance of the varistor becomes low (several ohms), which makes the original circuit short... Read more

Talk about capacitive filtering

Whether it is half-wave rectification or full-wave rectification, through the waveform, you will find that the whole is a pulsating wave, which is different from the constant DC we require, does not meet our expectations, so there is a higher... Read more

Volvo says the worst of the chip shortage is over

Volvo Cars, one of Europe's top car brands, said late Monday (Beijing time) that it had passed the worst of a chip shortage that has put pressure on car production. Jim Rowan, Volvo's chief executive, said on Wednesday that the... Read more

New semiconductor materials born! Zheng Jian research team has been grinding for ten years and finally achieved success!

Fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene, graphite alkyne... Carbon has always been regarded as a kind of material of the future, and the discovery of each new carbon material has triggered the research upsurge of material scientists. Today, the carbon family added... Read more